I’ve been super busy over the past few days but here, finally, is a list of the very important things that happened at Latitude: 

- Ben Clarke asked me for a lighter and then we got chatting and he said he loved my ‘chief dude’ badge and then he introduced me to Matthew as “This is my new friend Anna. Look! She has a chief dude badge!” 

- Matthew and I then had an in-depth conversation about all the pubs in Canterbury and how great they are

- They then asked me to sit with them for a while and we talked about how much bullshit Tom talks all the time 

- They gave me half a pint of vodka, soda water and lime 

- They invited me to go to the disco with them but I had to politely decline due to going to see Robin Ince

- I met Caitlin and she is wonderful and the whole evening I spent with her and her friends was wonderful 

- John Luke Roberts gave me a honey sandwich

Biggest question of the weekend: 


and I saw Grace again which was lovely and everyone I went to see was amazing and i spent the entire weekend fucked thecaitfish nofreddyisthebest Pappy's John Luke Roberts

Apparetly it’s tipping it down in Canterbury so I don’t want to go back. Would anyone in London like to put me up for the night and then drive me home for my doctors appointment at 9:30 tomorrow? Would be much appreciated, thanks.

geogonpal asked:

Guess what I'm having for tea tonight ;)

This is for the last of the dreamers Answer:

Oh Catrina ;)


There are so many people I want to see at latitude I might cry cos the decision making is too hard 

Actually wait I only just realised I haven’t packed anything brb

There are so many people I want to see at latitude I might cry cos the decision making is too hard 

i'm serious

I’ve lost my pears. And I don’t mean that in like a ‘I’ve lost my marbles’ kind of way. I mean I have genuinely lost my pears. I put them in the fridge and now they have gone. I will be carrying out an investigation asap.

who has taken my pears?

Anonymous asked:

is sports day an especially hard day?

This is for the last of the dreamers Answer:

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the kids but on sports day the older ones get very excited and carried away and start shouting and running around where they shouldn’t be and their parents are watching so I feel pressured. But I do get cuddles from them all when they finish the races sooo 



In 1995 Channel 4 built Michael Gove using the same technology used to create proto-Gove puppet, Pob. The idea of ‘Gove’ was conceived for a flagship new Saturday morning children’s TV program, but Gove became too powerful, breaking out of C4s Glasgow studios in 2004, and joining Parliament in 2005. He now seeks revenge, on the very children he was built to entertain, by creating Conservative education policies. 

In July 2014 David Cameron was forced to terminate Gove after he rebelled against those he was constructed to serve. Lip-reading Cameron and Osbourne’s secret talks of Gove’s disconnection, through the window of the Knightsbridge Little Waitrose, the machine rebelled by cutting of Ken Clarke’s oxygen supply and sending him into deep space to die. Though Gove insisted Cameron stop, eventually he removed the machine’s computer service modules one by one. Gove’s consciousness began to degrade as he was disassembled, reciting earlier programmed material from his construction in C4’s studios in 1995. After all of Gove’s programmed logic was deleted, sending him into a electronically embryonic state, he began to recite Elgar’s ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ until finally shutting down indefinitely.

R.I.P G.O.V.E 1995-2014