This is for the last of the dreamers

You can't not love someone who makes you toast

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I was having a rough come down from last night so now I have a rabbit.


Oh my god. I can’t wait to see this wee one. Call him Captain Headcorn.

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This morning at 5am Juub, Mike and I walked down the field and into the vally/farm where our old school is and it’s a proper little hippie school and all the buildings are wooden and there’s amazing trees and wild flowers everywhere and there’s a river. So we walked round the grounds and talked about all the great times we had at that school and we climbed right to the top of a tree and watched the sunrise and shared our last beer and cigs and then we walked back up the field and climbed into bed. It was so relaxing and peaceful and I felt incredibly happy

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Anonymous asked: if you wanted to know, several people said that Alex Day had sexually assaulted or raped them, and he did pretty much admit to it (though using much 'softer' language, and apparently lying a bit in the process)

That’s horrible. I’m glad I gave him no attention at all. Thanks for telling me though

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