This is for the last of the dreamers

You can't not love someone who makes you toast

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Miss ya too, Anna doll xxx

I want to come to Edinburgh so badly this year but I don’t think I can afford it :( We need to have a catch up soon!

Noooo :( I’m so sad! My parents have also done their thing where they book for us to go to the highlands for half of the fringe, am ragin. Not shaping up to be a good festival at all.

Your parents are hilarious, I love them but I can see why that’s annoying. Although I’m kinda sad my parents have stopped our summer trips to the highlands :(

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Anonymous asked: i thirst followed u after that selfie

Thanks. I can narrow you down to 2 people then

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Today I walked 3 miles and then I spent a stupid amount of money and then I ran 3 miles and now I’m going to play some Blondie and have a well deserved nap before I go to the pub to spend more money that I don’t have

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