last night i had the most hilarious dream and anna and catrina were in it and for SOME REASON we were having a vibrator race in the meadows

but they vibrated so much they went the whole way across and we had to pure sprint to catch them and then when we did mine was the winner so i…

Ahahahaha Lally I was going through my likes and found this. I’m crying

strongerthanvodka geogonpal


Does anyone want to come to my house and bring PVA glue and give me moral support while I phone student finance?

I’ve got a free house bar my brother if that helps?

Shout out to Freddy noofreddyisthebest for being an A* friend and letting Pete and I crash at his in the early hours this morning after our night turned into a disaster. Freddy is the best. I love him 7eva <3 <3 <3